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The Center of Knowledge in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem is one of the strongest and most internationally acclaimed group of computer scientists in these areas in Israel, and among the strongest that can be found anywhere. The diverse research activities of the members of this center spans across all core scientific areas, from computational neuroscience and computational biology, to signal processing, computer vision, medical image processing and modeling, natural language processing and text-mining; from the core computational learning theory, online and active learning, learning with missing information, unsupervised and semi-supervised methods, structure learning, large scale graphical models, optimization algorithms, game theory and computational economics.

The research of this group is applied to many areas including statistics, medical image processing, brain science, genetics and molecular biology, machine learning for security, novelty detection data mining, computer vision, novelty detection, text mining and categorization, natural language understanding, robust classification form large datasets, data visualization, multisensory analysis, industrial process control, sensing-acting systems, novel computer architectures, internet economy, multi-agent systems, smart grid management, cyber security, computer vision and video surveillance, robust speech and signal analysis, and more.

Israeli Center of Knowledge for Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence